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Have you heard the news CIA and FBI started a manhunt for Wiki leaks? The reason they started was Wiki leaks have disposed of many secrets of Pentagon the headquarters of US department of Defense. And one the biggest secret that was disposed of that

There is a program or a code that helps them to hack into any smartphone in the world and access the information inside them. You might be having using some inbuilt security measures provided by smartphones but is it secure enough? Well got to admit it our password can be one day or another be guessed and breached. So, I suggest you go with Android Password Manager apps this might not be full-fledged security but gives us time to make things better.

Find out the list of Best 11 Paid and Free Android Password Manager Apps

Some products cleverly solve this issue by permitting you to manually catch all data areas on a full page. Others actively evaluate popular secure sites whose login web pages don’t fit typical, creating scripts to take care of each site’s oddball login process.

Sometimes, you’ll find the one that doesn’t automate security password catch and replay, but these may have other virtues, such as completing passwords for secure applications, not merely web pages. The best security password managers get your qualifications during accounts creation; when you change your security password online, they feature to upgrade the stored security password to the site. Certainly, password record only works if the security password manager recognizes you are logging directly into a secure site, so non-standard login web pages can cause trouble. Your typical security password integrates with the internet browser and catches the account when you get on a secure site.

#1 LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is a security password manager and security password generator that hair your passwords and private information in a secure vault. One security password is all you have to with LastPass – your LastPass grasp password handles the others. Store passwords and logins, create online shopping information, create strong passwords, monitor private information in image & sound records, and much more.  LastPass auto fills browser and software logins for you, and produces new, secure passwords instantly.

#2 Keeper®: Free Password Manager

Keeper is the secure security password administrator and digital vault for businesses and people. Keeper is fanatical about safeguarding your information.

Protect and control your passwords, documents, private photographs and other key information with world-class security, from your Google android device. Lock your passwords instantly with this ground 0 apps, zero-knowledge security software to keep your security password, bank card and photographs safe and encrypted.

We help hundreds of thousands of men and women and a large number of businesses protect their most delicate private info, preventing hackers and cyber crooks in their songs.

#3 Password Manager

This app is the simplest way to access your entire passwords wherever you are. To any extent further the only security password you need to keep in mind is the grasp password because of this application and it is possible to access your entire other passwords.

Download App from Google Play Store here

This is undoubtedly safer than getting your passwords on a bit of newspaper in your budget. The application is completely safe and doesn’t require any permissions such as usage of the internet, your connections or otherwise.

#4 Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager securely stores your entire passwords, addresses & Banking Cards like Credit or Debit Cards details – and synchronizes them across your mobiles & computer systems … so you just need to remember one professional secure security password – to gain access to your entire specific passwords & data.

#5 aWallet Password Manager

aWallet Password Manager helps you to manage all the password resources in your mobile system. There’s a built-in Editor for changing or creating new data Categories with custom icons. Helps back-up and restore of the encrypted data document to the Google android USB device. Export of unencrypted data in CSV format to the USB device. There can be a Vehicle lock feature that may be preconfigured for a particular time frame. Safely stores your passwords, Banking credit/debit cards information, e-banking qualifications, web accounts and other custom data.

#6 Password Manager SafeInCloud

No subscriptions, no regular monthly fees! You get SafeInCloud once and put it to use on your entire Android devices without the additional fees. You are able to synchronize your computer data with another telephone, tablet, Mac pc via your own cloud bank account.

SafeInCloud Password Supervisor gives you to keep your logins, passwords, and other private info safe and sound within an encrypted database.

#7 Password Safe and Manager

This App is one I all of the solutions. It stores and manages all joined data in an encrypted way, and that means you have a secure storage space of your gain access to data and you merely have to keep in mind your master-password. Using the included widgets, you will generate as many arbitrarily created passwords from your home display and it’ll automatically be copied to your clipboard.

Download App here

#8 Remembr’all : Password Manager

At Password Manager, all the passwords are stored on your telephone with advanced encryption to avoid any misuse. Keep in mind all is a straightforward password manager application with easy and user-friendly GUI.

#9 Password Manager – Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault can be an online password supervisor which makes your digital life easier. The securely designed vault functions as a security password keeper, where your entire passwords and private information are stored with complete personal privacy. Additionally, it is mandatory for teams that require sharing delicate information securely included in this. If you’re struggling with grasping numerous passwords, Zoho Vault will keep them safe for you in its records.

#10 Avast Passwords

Safe and Easy yea that is Avast. You all might have heard more about avast Antivirus. Well, it’s from same developers. At Avast we have been thinking a great deal about how precisely to make logging in easier, faster and better.

Logging into different websites and accounts can be considered a hassle. But with this app its all simple as it gets J

Download App from Google Play Store

#11 Password Manager

This option is supposed for periodic back-up in case there is the machine reinstallation, the application form uninstallation and other occasion if you want to recuperate your passwords.

Download App here

This software has option to keep and bring back your information from Google Drive. For example Google one Drive.


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