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WhatsApp messenger is a messaging application designed to send and receive messages from one smartphone to other.  WhatsApp messenger is an android application that works on WiFi and other 2G/3G/4G networks.  With the debut of WhatsApp, the old SMS service has gone down the lane.  We can say that the SMS service has been completely replaced by WhatsApp Messenger.  In old SMS service, it is only possible to send and receive messages from one mobile to other, but WhatsApp messenger, users can send and receive pictures, voice notes, video messages etc.  WhatsApp messenger is absolutely free for first one year and after one year, $0.99 will be charged for usage.

WhatsApp Messenger unlike other messenger apps does not include any in-app purchases.  There won’t be any hidden cost for WhatsApp Messenger.  Users can enjoy every single service offered by WhatsApp Messenger for free of cost.  It is a cross-platform application and runs on different platforms.  Users of one particular platform can message to other platform users.  You can use this application to connect with your friends and family members staying anywhere in the world.  WhatsApp messenger app operates on 3G/EDGE or WiFi connections.

WhatsApp Messenger Apk Features

  • Using WhatsApp Messenger, users can send messages, videos, images, voice files to your friends and contacts.
  • The app allows users to create WhatsApp groups using which they can chat with multiple friends at a time. Users can enjoy group chats with their friends in the contact list.
  • No international charges will be imposed on using WhatsApp for sending international messages, images or videos. You can chat with your friends present in any part of the world using this messenger app.
  • There is no need to separately add contacts to the address book. Users need not remember PIN or username anymore.  WhatsApp integrates with existing phone book for your help.
  • There is no need to login and logout every time to use WhatsApp. Users can directly launch the app and use it.
  • All the contacts present in your address book that have WhatsApp will automatically connect to the messenger and will be displayed.
  • Users can also set the notification tone for the messages.
  • Users can also send offline messages to other contacts.
  • The new status feature of WhatsApp is all sorts of thumbs up. Users can set image, video or something else as a status.
  • Users can share location, contacts, customize wallpapers, customize notification sounds, enter landscape mode, email chat history, broadcast messages etc.
  • Download whatsapp messenger for android phones from play store.

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Steps to download WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.238

  • The latest version of WhatsApp messenger is 2.17.238. Download the WhatsApp messenger from online into your device.
  • Go to downloads and tap on the downloaded file of WhatsApp to start installation.
  • Agree the terms and conditions by tapping on Agree and the installation process starts.
  • Within seconds, the installation completes and you can launch the app to your mobile.
  • Start using the WhatsApp messenger right away by sending messages to your friends in the contact list.

Have fun over whatsapp messaging with your friends!

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